Reducing bolt face on Mauser Action I have a FN 400 Mauser style action, I want to reduce the bolt face from its current .532"dia. head size to accept a .473 dia head size. Can this be accomplished? For a 45-70 Mauser, get a Siamese Mauser which already has the bolt and magazine designed for a large, rimmed cartridge. While not a true Mauser, they were made by the Japanese to their highest standards for material and workmanship. Either one should make a fun rifle. Have fun in your search. Dan

Below is what I had done to the Siamese Mauser action: Alter Siamese Mauser action for .45-70 cal. True bolt face True face of receiver Lap locking lugs Forge and polish bolt handle for scope Drill and tap action for one piece Leupold mount Supply and install Sportsman Timney Trigger Supply and install Timney Low Safety