Dr. Prakash Verekar is author of most popular books in marathi. Mulga pahije? Mulgach hoeel and doctor amhala bal have. Both are fastest selling books with more than 8 editions each. Dr. Prakash Verekar will guide childless couples to happy parenthood. With natural methods without side effects or reactions.I read the book by Ranjeet Desai "shrimaan yogi", in that he mentioned that when shivaji maharaj got arrested in agra he absconded as a Sadhu.But in the serial you have shown that you people absconded with the help of Petara.... Please let me know which one is the truth.... Thanks, Jayashri

Jar mulga pahije aasel tar 5 lakh. When the notebook was recovered from the house of the accused No. 1, his mother Malan Borkar was present in the house. 12. Now coming to the preparation for digging the pit and dispose off the dead body the plan of the accused is unfolded initially in the testimony of Shashikant Sadashiv Golande (PW 13).