Founded as a family company in 1948, Paragon Industries, L.P. is the leading manufacturer of electric kilns and furnaces. Paragon is focused on designing high quality standard and custom kilns for glass, ceramics, porcelain, pottery, heat treating and metal art clay markets. Nearly every electric ceramics kiln comes equipped with a kiln sitter. Before your first firing in an electric kiln, it is essential you become familiar with the kiln sitter; most electric kilns will not operate unless the kiln sitter is properly armed. This is a view of the exterior panel of the kiln sitter.

TouchnFire 2 Portable Digital Controller TNFII. Enjoy the features of Paragon’s Sentry 12-key digital controller on your manual-fire kiln. Works with kilns of any brand or age. The wall-hanging TouchnFire 2, or TnF 2, plugs into the wall receptacle that your manual-fire kiln is now using. The kiln, in turn, plugs into a receptacle on the TnF 2. Nov 05, 2010 · Download and print a firing schedule for a manual kiln without a commercial downdraft vent or with a commercial downdraft vent. Firing Schedule BASICS. All kilns are different, and every firing is different, depending on density of load, weather conditions, kiln and element conditions, and many other factors. Paragon Set n Fire Kiln Model LT-3K SNF24, max temperature 2300°F, 3" thick sidewalls, easy to lift LiteLid, comes with 24"W stand, extra heating coils, misc. extra parts, 240V, 45A, 60H, 1PH, 10800 W, 23.5 x 29" interior, 10 sided studio kiln, ceramics, pottery