See Figure 2-26 for test circuit. 3: INL and DNL are measured at VW with the device configured in the voltage divider or potentiometer mode. V A = VDD and VB = 0V. DNL specification limits of ±1 LSB max are specified monotoni c operating conditions. See Figure 2-25 for test circuit.

where the voltage and current control features are described, then the voltage control pot is connected to Vout and you could not use an MCP41010. (the actual value of the pot is not very important, since the other resistors can be scaled to suit.) You can't just drop a digital pot in place of a real pot in any circuit and expect it to work.Buy MCP41010-I/P, Digital Potentiometer 10kΩ 256-Position Linear Serial-SPI 8-Pin PDIP MCP41010-I/P or other Digital Potentiometers online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great service and a great price from the largest electronics components