Daiginjo. Konteki "Tears of Dawn" Notes of sweet rice and banana with a clean, long finish. Kyoto ... Ozeno Yukidoke I.P.A. Koshihikari "Echigo" Hitachino Nest White Ale. "Drink wine, not labels." - Dr. Maynard Amerine Our ever-changing wine list is specially curated based on seasons and our menu. It shines a spotlight on lesser known regions, showcasing small producers and unique grape varietals, daiginjo (“big ginjo”) is the highest grade of sake and refers to sake rice with at least 50% of the outer ... ozeno yukidoke ipa 11.5oz. citrus, hops, refreshing 12

ten to chi 1junmai daiginjo earthy, rice aromatics, heaven and earth balance 4 34 210 shichiken ginjo mango, sage, murmur of the ... ozeno yukidoke ipa 11.5oz. Craft Beer Reviews, Whisky Tasting and Sake Reviews from a Nomadic Scotsman - Sláinte! :) Menu for Sakagura. Junmai Daiginjo / Daiginjo. The outer layer of the sake rice is polished down to 50% or less of its original weight and is then fermented at low temperatures to create Daiginjo, the highest grade of sake.