May 29, 2019 · The Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 is a very cool yet incredibly small device that has all of the desirable features of a portable laptop but at a fraction of the size. The Pocket 2 is reliable, durable and surprisingly powerful for what it is, which makes it great for hacking on the go. Jan 24, 2019 · GPD pocket 2 review, price, specification. GPD pocket 2 review. There are many ultrabooks available on the markets, but they are bulky and heavy. Also we cannot take them everywhere because of their bulky size. So GPD pocket 2 review will give you an idea that this is the laptop that you will carry everywhere in your pocket. GPD Pocket 2 is a light and thin mini laptop but also is small enough to put into your pocket and carry it anywhere anytime just like a mobile phone,is very suitable for high-end business people, programmers, Internet operators, teachers, securities fund

GPD Pocket 2 supports fast charging based on the PD 2.0 protocol, it can be charged to half full in 30 minutes.Pocket 2 also supports almost all mobile phone chargers and mobile power banks. Just go with one power adapter for both of your Pocket 2 and cellphone. GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black [Latest Update-256GB SSD Version] 7" Touch Screen Windows 10 Mini Portable Laptop UMPC Tablet PC CPU Intel Celeron Processor 3965Y lntel HD Graphics 615 8GB RAM/256GB ROM